The late Raymond C. Cash served as a cook while in the U.S. Army and upon his arrival home worked as a butcher at Savmore on Quincy Ave. in Cleveland, Ohio. His experience along with encouragement that he received from his wife Thelma and customers was the incentive that Ray Sr. needed in 1952 to establish  Ray’s Sausage, a black-owned company currently;  located at 3146 E. 123rd Cleveland, Ohio 44120. Partnerships were formed with the  late  James Flagg,  James Wilson and brother in law, Luke Easter, Cleveland Indians baseball player. The partners were bought out in 1964. Ray’s Sausage is Ohio State Inspected and HACCP certified.

We manufacture fresh pork and beef sausage, souse, and head cheese. Our distributors, Sherwood of Cleveland and Hillandale deliver all products to Dave’s, Giant Eagle, Apples, Heinens, Zagaras, Miles Farmers Market, Mar, Convenient Stores and other Ohio supermarkets. Additionally, we service the “Mom & Pop stores,” throughout  the  greater Cleveland area. Ray’s Sausage Company believe that quality food products are a direct result of qualified individuals working together for the common goal of producing a product that will distinguish Ray’s from other products. The company employs 13 people and many of the employees are from the Buckeye area neighborhood, where the business is located. Ray Harvin is responsible for sales and marketing.  

Second generation family members Renee M. Cash and Raymond C. Cash, Jr. And third generation family members Leslie and Lisa Cash Lester are the current owners and operators. Together, this synergy will provide the best service and quality products possible for our customers and consumers. The vision of Ray’s Sausage is to construct a new facility and become Federal USDA certified so that they may distribute their product (s) outside of the state of Ohio. However, they cannot achieve this objective unless you, SHOP WHERE IT PAYS AND BRING HOME THE RAY’S