Products Price List

Stock Number Description LB of Package    
Price Per Unit      
Toal Amount
72237-0001 MILD PORK SAUSAGE                   1LB ROLL 2.5 2.50
72237-0000 HOT PORK SAUSAGE 1LB ROLL 2.5 2.50
72237-0002 MILD BEEF SAUSAGE 1LB ROLL 3.5 3.50
72237-0003 HOT BEEF SAUSAGE 1LB ROLL 3.5 3.50
72237-0004 MILD BEEF SOUSE 1LB 9 9.00
72237-0005 HOT BEEF SOUSE 1LB 9 9.00
72237-0006 EX HOT BEEF SOUSE 1LB 9 9.00
72237-0007 MIlD PORK SOUSE 1LB 9 9.00
72237-0008 HOT PORK SOUSE 1LB 9 9.00
72237-0009 EX HOT PORK SOUSE 1LB 9 9.00
72237-0013  MILD HEAD CHEESE 1LB  9 9.00
72237-0014  HOT HEAD CHEESE 1LB  9 9.00
72237-0015  MILD BEEF SOUSE 5LB  8 40.00
72237-0016  HOT BEEF SOUSE 5LB  8 40.00
72237-0017  EX HOT BEEF SOUSE 5LB  8 40.00
72237-0018  MILD PORK SOUSE 5LB  8 40.00
72237-0019  HOT PORK SOUSE 5LB  8 40.00
72237-0020  EX HOT PORK SOUSE 5LB  8 40.00
72237-0024  MILD HEAD CHEESE 5LB 8 40.00
72237-0025  HOT HEAD CHEESE 5LB 8 40.00
72237-0026  MILD ITALIAN BEEF LINK 2oz Retail Tray 3.19  3.19
72237-0027  HOT ITALIAN BEEF LINK 2oz Retail Tray 3.19 3.19
72237-0028  MILD  BEEF SAUSAGE LINKS 1oz Retail Tray 3.19 3.19
 2237-0029  HOT  BEEF SAUSAGE LINKS 1oz Retail Tray 3.19 3.19
72237-0031 MILD  BEEF SAUSAGE LINKS 2oz Retail Tray 3.19  3.19
72237-0032 HOT  BEEF SAUSAGE LINKS 2oz Retial Tray 3.19 3.19
72237-0033 MILD  BEEF SAUSAGE LINKS 1oz 5LB Box 3.19  15.95
72237-0034 HOT  BEEF SAUSAGE LINKS 1oz 5LB Box 3.19 15.95
72237-0035 MILD  PORK SAUSAGE LINKS 2oz Retail Tray  3.19  3.19
72237-0036 HOT  PORK SAUSAGE LINKS 2oz Retail Tray  3.19 3.19
72237-0037 MILD  BEEF SAUSAGE LINKS 2ox 5LB Box 3.19 15.95
72237-0038 HOT  BEEF SAUSAGE LINKS 2oz 5LB Box 3.19  15.95 
72237-0039 MILD PORK LINKS 1oz 5LB Box 3.19  15.95
72237-0042 HOT PORL LINKS 1oz 5LB Box 3.19 15.95
72237-0041 MILD PORK SAUSAGE LINKS  1oz Retail Tray 3.19 3.19
72237-0042 HOT  PORK SAUSAGE LINKS  1oz Retail Tray 3.19 3.19 
72237-0043 MILD PORK SAUSAGE LINKS 2oz 5LB Box  3.19 15.95
72237-0044 HOT PORK SAUSAGE LINKS 2oz 5LB Box 3.19 15.95 
72237-0045 BULK BEEF 5LB BAG
72237-0046 BULK PORK 5LB BAG


We hand-make our sausages fresh to order each week, and ship on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure your order doesn’t hang around in a delivery truck over the weekend. It’s our way to make sure your sausage is as fresh and delicious when it arrives on your doorstep as it was when it left ours.

We will ship your order the following Monday or Tuesday after we receive it. Just be sure to submit your order by Sunday to receive your order the coming week. Note: Orders by phone or mail must be received by Friday, 2pm CST to go out the following Monday or Tuesday.

We ship anywhere in the U.S., including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. Depending on where you live, your order will arrive in 1-4 business days after shipping. See the map and shipping chart below for shipping rates and regional information.
How your order will arrive.

The way we pack your order depends on the following: transit time, the products you ordered, and the time of year (warm or cold months). We do use a styrofoam container and ice packs if your order needs it. However, not every order requires this special type of packaging, especially during the colder months. We do not use dry ice.

Since our products are shipped as fresh as possible, even if items defrost during transit, there is no harm in refreezing them upon arrival. See the storage information located on each product page for more specific storage instructions.

Shipping rates and regional information.

Prices listed on individual product pages do not include shipping rates, which are determined by the total dollar value of your order and the shipping destination. Please refer to the map below to see how your shipping rate is calculated.

During the warmer months of March – October, we must use 2nd Day Air or USPS Priority Mail to ship to Region 2. During the colder months of November – February, we are able to ship to all connecting 48 states using ground shipping with a transit time of 3 to 4 days for Region 2.

Region 3 states include AK, HI, and PR.
We must ship 2nd Day Air year-round to HI and PR.
Alaska customers: From November – February, we ship ground to Alaska using USPS, which can take up to 4 days.
Texas customers: From March – October, it may be possible to ship ground to parts of Texas. If this occurs, we will issue a credit for the difference in shipping charges.
We ship using UPS, FedEx or USPS.

Dollar Value of ProductsRegion 1 - GroundRegion 2 - 2nd Day Air/USPSRegion 3 - 2nd Day Air/USPS
up to $31.00 $17.00 $49.00 $64.00
$31.01 to $45.00 $22.00 $69.00 $80.00
$45.01 to $60.00 $26.00 $74.00 $85.00
$60.01 to $80.00 $28.00 $79.00 $90.00
$80.01 to $95.00 $30.00 $84.00 $95.00
$95.01 to $120.00 $32.00 $89.00 $105.00
$120.01 to $140.00 $36.00 $94.00 $110.00
$140.01 to $160.00 $38.00 $99.00 $115.00
$160.01 to $180.00 $40.00 $104.00 $130.00
$180.01 to $200.00 $44.00 $109.00 $140.00
$200.01 to $250.00 $50.00 $124.00 $160.00
$250.01 to $300.00 $54.00 $139.00 $170.00
$300.01 to $500.00 20% of total 49% of total 59% of total
$500.01 and over 20% of total 49% of total 59% of total

Product Availability/Return Policy

Prices & Product Availability

All currently available products are shown on this web site or in our current price list. However, if a particular product you have ordered is temporarily out of stock, we may substitute it for an item of equal value. Prices are subject to change without notice.

If you experience a problem with your order, please contact us as soon as you receive the package, but no later than 48 hours from time of delivery. Credit will only be issued with prior authorization from our customer service department and in most cases we will require the product returned. Do not throw any product away prior to contacting us.

Please review the following EXCEPTIONS of our refund policy:

Customer provided an incorrect or incomplete shipping address when placing the order.
Delivered packages were left outside for extended periods of time.
Customer selected products or quantities in error.
Products were delivered fresh, intact and as described on website, but customer simply did not care for the ‘taste’ of the product or it did not meet their ‘expectations’.
Customer did not contact us within 48 hours from the time of delivery.

I will walk 350 miles for your Souse, Thank you for making it so good ❤️

Judith Cunningham

The Beef sausage is good, the sousr is to die for, looking forward to my next order.

Beverley Geiger

As a Polish immigrant,,souse was a stable in Poland,,,now here in Detroit its near non existent...large & Black Popiish
please concider importing souse to Detriot... loved your filiming from Food channel

Thank You

Hello I live in Flordia and I absolutley love your pork souse, but i have never had beef souse. I was woundering how could I
order the beef souseor does any stores in South Flordia preferably nearmy zip code 33313 carry beef souse, because I
haven't had much luck looking for it. Please get back to me with anyinformation

Thanks in advance

Aisha Higgins

I recently moved to Nashvill Tennessee and I cannot find a good piece of souse meat anywhere. Ray's hot souse is the best!!
One of Cleveland's originals & best!

Valia Glover

Excited to try your souse meat. Is it possible to be sent via mail to the Philadelphia area.

Robert James

Hello to you all the way from Phoenix Arizona my name is Darnell Grady I lived in Ohio all my childhood life and ever since I moved out here to Arizona
I cannot find any souse meat, would it be possible to have it shipped to Phoenix Arizona where I live and let me know how much it will cost that would be great.

Have a Blessed Day
Darnell Grady

No news at this time


In 2015 Ray's Sausage was featured in an episode of the Travel Channel's Bazzar Food with Andrew Zimmern. Ray's was rated against 5 major food establishments in the Northeast Ohio area. Andrew rated Ray's number one and stated that they produce the best Souse he ever tasted.