I will walk 350 miles for your Souse, Thank you for making it so good ❤️

Judith Cunningham

The Beef sausage is good, the sousr is to die for, looking forward to my next order.

Beverley Geiger

As a Polish immigrant,,souse was a stable in Poland,,,now here in Detroit its near non existent...large & Black Popiish
please concider importing souse to Detriot... loved your filiming from Food channel

Thank You

Hello I live in Flordia and I absolutley love your pork souse, but i have never had beef souse. I was woundering how could I
order the beef souseor does any stores in South Flordia preferably nearmy zip code 33313 carry beef souse, because I
haven't had much luck looking for it. Please get back to me with anyinformation

Thanks in advance

Aisha Higgins

I recently moved to Nashvill Tennessee and I cannot find a good piece of souse meat anywhere. Ray's hot souse is the best!!
One of Cleveland's originals & best!

Valia Glover

Excited to try your souse meat. Is it possible to be sent via mail to the Philadelphia area.

Robert James

Hello to you all the way from Phoenix Arizona my name is Darnell Grady I lived in Ohio all my childhood life and ever since I moved out here to Arizona
I cannot find any souse meat, would it be possible to have it shipped to Phoenix Arizona where I live and let me know how much it will cost that would be great.

Have a Blessed Day
Darnell Grady